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Since 2000, Aristo RCM has successfully specialized in Emergency Department pro-fee medical billing and revenue management.


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Our Mission

Aristo's mission is to provide the best possible service to our customers.  We conduct each aspect of our business with the standards of mercy, justice, and humility continually at the the forefront of our mind.

We Promise

We promise 100% reliability on projected savings and improved operations. 

We Deliver

We deliver an extra $2 for every $5 you are already getting per patient chart

We Exceed

We have 150+ years of combined management and billing services.

At Aristo, we actively engage all leadership in  a methodology to eliminate errors and constantly improve processes. Our ongoing training is part of this process, as we strive to gain more knowledge, speed and accuracy.

claims processed for clients
years of combined management team experience
reliability in realizing projected revenue collected
ER doctors assisted in emergency departments
6 states
hospitals across the southeast partner with Aristo

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