q³ Process: Quality, Quantity, Quest

It’s Our Business Model


Quality Time Warp

Creating efficiency and value in every process and procedure

Creating value can be simple, but creating value and increasing efficiency? That’s what we bring to the table. With highly accredited and well trained employees, we process claims faster and more accurately. “Discharged” to “Billed” can be reduced to 3-5 days, outstanding chart counts can be reduced to below 0.5%, and a 48 hour on average turnaround time.

Quantity Wealth Mine

Maximizing your dollars with confidence in documentation

To maximize collections, employees re-verify every claim to identify self-pay patients who have or have not added some form of insurance carrier. Physicians are individually credentialed for each applicable insurance carrier and receiving additional training and follow up as necessary. The result is an average $2 increase for every $5 currently increased. Enough said.

Quest Over Drive

Executing the power of knowledge, support, research, and future potential for growth

What you do today is never enough to continue doing forever. That’s why we provide detailed reporting and monthly benchmarking and feedback consultations to allow for process improvement. We are always looking ahead to the future.

claims processed for clients
years of combined management team experience
reliability in realizing projected revenue collected
ER doctors assisted in emergency departments
6 states
hospitals across the southeast partner with Aristo

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