You don’t make investments unless you can predict the consequences.

We don’t expect you to pay for our services until we help you forecast your future potential ROI.


Emergency Department Optimization

We offer solutions to streamline operations, improve patient satisfaction and increase reimbursement.

We Help Foster Success

Using our highly trained staff, we ensure provider credentialing, train and retrain doctors on chart procedures, expedite the billing and coding process, offer intelligent analytic reports, schedule an in-person monthly benchmarking meeting, and provide a patient call center. These steps not only speed up your process and increase reimbursement, but also help maintain patient satisfaction.


  • For every $5 you collect now, Aristo will collect $2 more
  • Billing and payment in 2 days
  • Medical coding in 2 days
  • 2 Guarantees: Higher collections | Lower A/R Days
  • Monthly in person meetings allow benchmarking to navigate future progress
  • 100% reliability on projected savings
claims processed for clients
years of combined management team experience
reliability in realizing projected revenue collected
ER doctors assisted in emergency departments
6 states
hospitals across the southeast partner with Aristo

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