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As the front door of the hospital, emergency room operations impact the entire organization. Aristo provides optimization services customized to the specific needs of your operations. Service offerings include pro-fee billing and coding.

Individuals who realize the benefits from our offerings are:

  • CMOs
  • CFOs
  • CEOs


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    You are the mediator between the medical staff and administration. While petitioning to management on behalf of physicians, you must maintain a cohesive relationship with nursing staff and monitor patient safety, all while smoothing medical operations on the chief administrative level.

    Wouldn't it be nice to alleviate some of that stress?

    Aristo works with you to find the best solutions for your hospital emergency department. Whether we manage ED operations or provide pro-fee revenue services, Aristo delivers optimized results. For every client, Aristo has increased collections per visit by $15 to $40. 

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    You constantly balance the needs of facilities and systems against your staffing costs. Additionally, you correspond with the CEO and other members of the administrative team, developing and monitoring financial goals, ensuring hospital operations stay within allotted cost.

    Aristo assists you in managing a portion of these responsibilities with industry-leading efficiencies in the pro-fee side of billing in collections. Aristo also provides documentation training for your physicians and extensive monthly performance reports. 

    We find the lost dollars in your revenue stream to help you improve physician incentives and purchase advanced equipment and technology. This will increase the interest of board certified physicians and improve the quality of services your hospital provides.

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    As a forward thinker, you know there is always room for improvement. The potential for new equipment, advanced computer systems, highly qualified doctors, and greater physician incentives always exists.

    The emergency department is the front door of your hospital. Aristo RCM will provide and optimized solution for necessary management, and billing services to ensure your goals are met.


claims processed for clients
years of combined management team experience
reliability in realizing projected revenue collected
ER doctors assisted in emergency departments
6 states
hospitals across the southeast partner with Aristo

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